~abu2 (move+) down / (take, move s.th.) down / downwind, towards north [...]

Part of Speech 2nd verb, intrans.
Phonetic Form (i·)aᵐbu
Tanema Equivalent ~kabu
Lovono Equivalent ~pwo
    • (move+) down
    • Syntactic Restriction after intransitive verb
      • Example 33:
        I-sabu i-abu ne ero.
        He fell down in the river.
      • Example 34:
        Kuo pine ponu i-atili i-abu i-le.
        The huge canoe was sliding down (on the rollers).
      • Example 35:
        Ero i-pu i-abu i-vagasi revo.
        The river flows down to the sea.
    • (take, move s.th.) down
    • Syntactic Restriction after transitive verb
      • Example 36:
        Li-toe dero i-abu.
        They cut down the cauri tree.
      • Example 37:
        Ni-tabulu voko i-abu i-le ne gilita.
        I rolled a rock down into the valley.
      • Example 38:
        Ka mobo kata kape la-ka ponu: li-elele kuo iada i-abu.
        The next day, as they were getting ready, they dragged their canoe down (on the sand).
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    • downwind, towards north or west
    • Syntactic Restriction geocentric meaning
      • Example 39:
        Ngiro Tangake i-aka i-abu i-kamai tev' iu ne.
        The Tangake wind blows down from the east.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • ~abu1 go down / subside, slow down / travel north or west
  • See also:
    • tev’ tawo down, below / on the northwest side; north or west