~ae hollow out; remove stuff from ‹wood+› / dig a hole in ‹ground› / [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)ae
Tanema Equivalent ~ake
Lovono Equivalent ~vi
    • hollow out; remove stuff from ‹wood+›
      • Example 84:
        Tano ponu, li-ae mijaka me kava i-pu i-katau.
        This kava bowl has been hollowed out a little, to allow kava to flow along.
      • Example 85:
        I-bo kuo awoiu, i-ae lema.
        Once he had cut out the canoe, he began to hollow out its inner part.
    • dig a hole in ‹ground›
    • Syntactic Restriction affected object
      • Example 86:
        Li-mabui li-ae tanoe, wako ka li-lateli teve.
        They quietly dug a hole in the ground, and put (the treasure) there.
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    • dig ‹hole› in s.th.
    • Syntactic Restriction effected object
    • dig out, harvest ‹yam, hill taro›
      • Example 88:
        Na uo kula kupa ka pi-ae.
        These are a few yams we just dug out.
      • Example 89:
        Pe-le, p-ae none! P-ae jebute, me pe-tau me p-e!
        Go and dig out some food! Dig out some taros you can cook and eat!

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