~atevo narrate, tell ‹story, iepiene› / talk about ‹s.th., [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)atevo
Lovono Equivalent ~kumwa
    • narrate, tell ‹story, iepiene
      • Example 150:
        Pi' akapa dapa li-atevo nga pon.
        That's what our ancestors used to say.
      • Example 248:
        I-atevo iepiene ni-la mama ini.
        I recorded his voice as he told the story.
      • Example 249:
        Li-atevo iepiene pe noma ka li-oburo.
        We tell old stories and we sing songs.
    • talk about ‹s.th., s.o.›, mention
      • Example 250:
        Vana li-atevo eo ka li-ko bwara moro waini kape u-tabo u-vagasi dapa.
        They often talk about you, and they hope that one day you will visit them again.

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    • li-ko so they say…: formula found in narratives, as the narrator reminds the audience that the story originates in hearsay or oral tradition
    • ~vete utter, say, declare ‹s.th.› / mention ‹s.o., s.th.›, talk about / mean ‹s.th.› / give away ‹s.o.›, denounce publicly / call, convene ‹event, meeting+›