~go gird ‹o.s.› with (ñe) a loincloth [...]

Part of Speech verb, reflexive
Phonetic Form (i·)ᵑgo
    • gird ‹o.s.› with (ñe) a loincloth (tolosai) by passing it between o.'s thighs
    • Syntactic Restriction reflexive construction
      Typical Subject man
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 569:
        Dapenuo li-go dapa ñe tolosai; da viñevi li-ativi dapa ñe tekume.
        The men girt themselves in loincloths, the women in skirts.
        Example URL
      • Example 812:
        U-go eo!
        Put on your breechcloth!

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