~ka2 hither, this way / towards me or you / going on and on, towards now

Part of Speech 2nd verb, intrans.
Phonetic Form (i·)ka
Tanema Equivalent ~loma
Lovono Equivalent ~ma, ~mage
    • hither, this way
    • Syntactic Restriction 3sg i-ka, last verb in directional serial verb
      • Example 1012:
        U-wai i-ka!
        Paddle this way!
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      • Example 1013:
        Dapa ñepe na kape le-mako i-ka.
        They will be dancing in this direction.
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      • Example 1014:
        Paiu vitoko i-ka.
        Paiou village is very close to here.
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        no motion, abstract vector
    • towards me or you
    • Syntactic Restriction 3sg i-ka, direction of action
      • Example 129:
        Pie aipa li-atevo i-ka?
        Did your elders tell the story to you?
      • Example 1015:
        Ab' u-leng' i-ka!
        Listen to me! (lit. hear this way)
      • Example 1016:
        Ni-ko u-la iawo mijaka i-ka!
        Please pass me some fire! (this way)
    • going on and on, towards now
    • Syntactic Restriction 3sg i-ka, temporal meaning
      • Example 1017:
        Li-romo metele i-ka ra ra ra i-tomoe.
        They watched the moon over time (lit. watched it come along) till it disappeared.
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  • Heterosemes:
    • ~ka1 come, towards speaker or deictic centre / come from / forthcoming, future