~katau2 (move, walk+) following ‹path, road+›, along ‹place› / adapt [...]

Part of Speech 2nd verb, trans.
Phonetic Form (i·)katau
Tanema Equivalent ~ie, ~kato
Lovono Equivalent ~ki
    • (move, walk+) following ‹path, road+›, along ‹place›
    • Syntactic Restriction inanimate, 3sg subject
      • Example 84:
        Tano ponu, li-ae mijaka me kava i-pu i-katau.
        This kava bowl has been hollowed out a little, to allow kava to flow along.
      • Example 1081:
        I-kotu i-katau ero ponu i-ven' i-le.
        He ran along the river, all the way up.
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      • Example 1082:
        Li-elele kuo i-katau revo.
        They dragged the boat [following the sea] along the coast.
    • adapt o.'s actions+ to ‹s.o., s.th.›; hence (do) along, according to ‹s.th.›
    • Sense Comment fig
      • Example 1083:
        Le-woi okoro awoiu le-(w)oburo i-katau.
        We pound bamboos (giving the rhythm), and then we sing along.
    • (do s.th.) systematically, from ‹place› to ‹place›; (do) in every ‹place›
    • Syntactic Restriction +location
      • Example 1084:
        Uña toñaki van li-ka, li-ka li-dai temaka i-katau uña basakulumoe.
        Ships used to come and explore the area, going from one island to the other [lit. following islands].
      • Example 1085:
        I-e idi, i-e idi, i-katau kulumoe ra ra ra ra ra ra – kulumoe moli.
        (the Ogre) ate people, dozens of people, going from one village to another [lit. following villages], on and on and on, until all the villages were empty.
      • Example 1086:
        La-tabe mata ka la-lui la-do i-katau ngogoro.
        They collected tree shoots, and began to plant them everywhere in the forest [lit. following the forest].
    • be sufficient in quantity; enough for ‹s.o., s.th.›
      • Example 1087:
        Li-bi vongoro we teliki iote, teliki iote, i-katau dapa awoiu.
        They collected almonds for each chief, one after the other, enough for [lit. following] them all.
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  • Heterosemes:
    • ~katau1 join ‹s.o.› in motion or in action; follow / follow, come after ‹s.o.› / follow ‹s.th.› / follow intellectually ‹a changing referent›; refer to, adapt to, (do s.th.) according to / be suitable for, suit ‹s.o., s.th.›