~labu ngatene eat

Part of Speech verb-object idiom
    • eat
    • Literally grab things
      Sense Comment euph
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1364:
        Le-le le-labu ngatene?
        Shall we go grab something? (=food)

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  • Contains:
    • ~labu1 hold ‹s.th.› in o.'s hands; grab, grasp / take ‹s.th., s.o.› in o.'s arms / touch ‹s.o.›, have body contact / massage / handle, treat ‹s.th., s.o.› in such and such a way; handle ‹s.o.› in such and such away / hold ‹skills, knowledge+›
  • See also:
    • none2 food / meal, dinner; esp. collective meal, feast