~mene dislike, not want s.th. / reject, refuse; say no / be tired of, [...]

Part of Speech verb, intransitive
Phonetic Form (i·)mene
Lovono Equivalent ~sapene
    • dislike, not want s.th.
      • Example 282:
        Awa eo i-viane? – Tae, ni-mene!
        Do you want it? – No, I don't.
      • Example 1605:
        Ero pana na ni-mene.
        I don't want that tea.
    • reject, refuse; say no
      • Example 1606:
        “U-ka me la-le na!” Emele pon i-mene.
        “Come, let's go!” But the woman refused.
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    • be tired of, fed up with ‹s.th.›
      • Example 1607:
        A-mene pe u-e none ponu?
        Aren't you tired of eating that food?