~metei2 be shy, timid; shy away (from, ñe)

Part of Speech verb, reflexive
Phonetic Form (i·)metei
Variant Form(s) ~mete
    • be shy, timid; shy away (from, ñe)
    • Literally shy of oneself
      Syntactic Restriction reflexive structure
      • Example 788:
        U-met' eo ñe ene etapu!
        Don't shy away from me!
      • Example 1628:
        Emel' enone i-mete ini pe i-rom dokta.
        My wife is too shy to see the doctor.
      • Example 1629:
        Stanley i-met' ini tamwase pe i-mako, ra pi-tedie ini.
        Stanley was too shy to dance, so we encouraged him.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • ~metei1 shy away from ‹s.o.›; show an appropriate sense of modesty before ‹s.o.›