ñei anaphoric counterpart of the Instrumental–Oblique preposition [...]

Part of Speech adverb
Phonetic Form ɲei
Variant Form(s) ñi
Tanema Equivalent wo
Lovono Equivalent iei, aka
Morphology ñe
    • anaphoric counterpart of the Instrumental–Oblique preposition ñe
      • Gram
    • Instrumental anaphoric: ‘with it’, ‘using it’
      • Example 1592:
        Buro pe li-mede idi ñei.
        It's a song for leading (the dancers).
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      • Example 1903:
        Wa bale we Ginio, pi-pinoe ñei.
        [lit. ankle rattles, we dance with them] We wear ankle rattles when dancing.
      • Example 1904:
        U-la uro u-si tetawene ñei.
        You can use charcoal powder for tattooing.
    • ‘to it’, ‘of it’, ‘at it’: Oblique anaphoric, with some verbs governing an oblique complement
      • Example 413:
        Ni-bisi tamwalikose ñei!
        I'm very surprised by this.
      • Example 1905:
        Ngatene pon etapu tamwase pe li-vet' pien' ñi.
        This topic is very delicate to talk about.
      • Example 1906:
        Ni-punuo ñi tae.
        I didn't steal it.

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