~padi paint ‹s.th.›

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)paⁿdi
    • paint ‹s.th.›
      • Example 1052:
        Taluaito ini basa beme, kape i-padi basa ini: ne to ne, koro; ne lava tilu, kape bworo. Awoiu kape i-tabo koro pwo mijaka.
        The (heathen) priest had a bald head, which he would paint: white in the middle; black on each side; and then, white a bit again underneath.
      • Example 2018:
        Blateno, oie vilo pe li-padi me kape le-woi ne to mane.
        The “blateno” is a wooden pole that is painted and erected in the middle of the village area.