~pidi strike ‹s.th.› with longish, supple object (opp. [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)piⁿdi
    • strike ‹s.th.› with longish, supple object (opp. ~abu, strike with thick or round object)
      • Example 2074:
        Li-pidi jokoro.
        They're playing the bamboo drum (using sticks).
      • Example 2075:
        Li-pidi revo.
        They're splashing the surface of the sea (e.g. to frighten the fish)
      • Example 2076:
        I-pidi kuo ne tongolukilo.
        He whipped the canoe with the magic leaves.
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    • lash, whip ‹s.o.›
      • Example 881:
        Ini i-pidi men' iape ñe iebe.
        He flogged his child with a besom.
      • Example 2077:
        U-pidi ini etapu!
        Don't whip him!

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