~pu ~sali pass, go by for a while; run till the end, finish

Part of Speech serial vb, intr.
Morphology ~pu ‘flow, run’ + ~sali ‘drop, finish’
    • pass, go by for a while; run till the end, finish
    • Literally flow and drop
      Typical Subject event, time
      • Example 2141:
        I-leng' i-ko mobo ngapiene kape ka i-pu i-sali.
        She heard that the next morning, the festival would finish.
      • Example 2142:
        Idi pe li-te ne toplau pe i-wene i-wene, ebieve kape i-pu i-sali.
        Some (boys) live in the Men's house for a lo—ng time, sometimes for years. [lit. years will run by]

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