~sabu fall down, fall off / commit a sin; esp. commit adultery

Part of Speech verb, intransitive
Phonetic Form (i·)saᵐbu
Tanema Equivalent ~kao
Lovono Equivalent ~pwo
    • fall down, fall off
    • Typical Subject s.o., s.th.
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 33:
        I-sabu i-abu ne ero.
        He fell down in the river.
      • Example 186:
        Vilo iote pine i-sabu ne anoko.
        There's a large tree fallen across the road.
      • Example 1271:
        Le-la i-avo korone nara i-sabu.
        We must hook (the bait) firmly for fear it might fall off.
    • commit a sin; esp. commit adultery
    • Typical Subject s.o.
      Sense Comment fig
      • Example 2212:
        Ini i-sabu semame emele ie teliki.
        He had committed adultery with the chief's wife.

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