~sava buy, purchase ‹s.th.› (from s.o., teve) / pay the [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)sava
Tanema Equivalent ~sava
Lovono Equivalent ~sava
    • buy, purchase ‹s.th.› (from s.o., teve)
      • Example 602:
        Ai-e mana luro wako? – Ewe. – Pe li-sava!
        Do you like rice? – Yes I do. – Then just buy it!
        Example Comment
      • Example 2229:
        Toñaki iadapa i-ka i-sava webwe.
        Their ship used to come and buy troca shells (from the islanders).
      • Example 2230:
        Kape pe-sava tev' ene.
        You'll buy it from me.
    • pay the bride price for ‹a woman›; hence marry ‹a woman›
    • Sense Comment esp
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 2231:
        Ini i-sava emele iape pe Teanu.
        He has married [lit. bought] a woman from Teanu.
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      • Example 2232:
        Mamote li-sava eo tae.
        [lit. they haven't paid you yet] We aren't married officially yet.

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    • viko money, of the customary kind: in Vanikoro shell money, made of cowrie shells / money, of the modern kind; coins, treasure / price / fine, to be paid in order to repair o.'s mistakes
    • tone2 cost, price (of, peini)