~tabo2 repeat doing s.th., do again / be again / do back; do an action [...]

Part of Speech auxiliary
Phonetic Form (i·)taᵐbo
Tanema Equivalent ~abo
Lovono Equivalent ~lebu
    • repeat doing s.th., do again
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by verb V2, with same subject
      Sense Comment comm
      • Example 2286:
        Le-tabo le-le.
        [we repeat we go] Let's go there again.
      • Example 2287:
        La-tabo la-teli utele i-le la-wo enga temaka.
        Alright, let's start listing the placenames again.
      • Example 2288:
        Kape ne-tabo ne-le metele iote pe kape i-ka na.
        I'll go again next month.
      • Example 2289:
        Revo i-tabo i-ma.
        It's low tide again.
      • Example 2290:
        Ni-tabo ni-mui.
        I've forgotten again.
      • Example 2291:
        A-ko u-tabo u-vongo?
        Do you want to eat more? [lit. to repeat eating]
    • be again
    • Syntactic Restriction impersonal 3sg, with non-verbal predicate
      Sense Comment somet
      • Example 2292:
        I-tabo dapa Iura.
        It's (a photo of) the Vanuatu people again.
        Example Comment
        + noun phrase
      • Example 2293:
        Menu emele ie teliki i-tabo sa-pine.
        The chief's daughter is pregnant again.
      • Example 2294:
        Taluaito kape i-padi basa ini: ne to ne, koro; ne lava tilu, kape bworo. Awoiu kape i-tabo koro pwo mijaka.
        The (heathen) priest would paint his head: white in the middle; black on each side; and then, a bit of white again underneath.
    • do back; do an action that compensates or reacts to a previous action
      • Example 427:
        Ka li-ko ruene, ka li-tabo li-bono.
        They open the door, and then shut it back.
      • Example 1728:
        Otovo iupa ka tamwaliko, pi-tabo pi-wete kula motoe.
        Our roofing has been damaged, we are making [lit. pinning] a new one.

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