~vesu1 erect, put up, stand up ‹s.th.› vertically / perform (?) ‹dances+›

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)vesu
Morphology Cf. (?) ~vene ‘go up’
    • erect, put up, stand up ‹s.th.› vertically
      • Example 2596:
        Li-vesu wolowolo
        erect a cross
      • Example 2597:
        Li-vesu blateno i-vio.
        They erected the ritual pole.
      • Example 2598:
        Li-vesu moe.
        erect a house
      • Example 2599:
        Li-nabe na ini wako, li-vesu iuro.
        Once we've marked the site (of the house), we stand up the pillars.
    • perform (?) ‹dances+›
      • Example 2600:
        I-ko kape le-vesu makone, ngapiene.
        He wanted people to perform dances, to hold a dancing festival.
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    • ~vo2 ‘hit’, reach the limits of ‹a place›; hence fill ‹a place›, take up ‹room›
    • ~venei take s.th. upwards / set up, create
    • ~vio2 (be, move) in a standing position / (move s.th.+) so it stands upright; hence erect ‹s.th.› / (take, move s.th.) so it ends up being located somewhere; hence put up ‹s.th.›