viñe1 hard shell of ‹animal+› / shell, husk of ‹nut+› / hard shell [...]

Part of Speech noun, relational
Phonetic Form fiɲe
Tanema Equivalent vagela
Lovono Equivalent viñe
    • hard shell of ‹animal+›
    • shell, husk of ‹nut+›
      • Example 2647:
        viñe buioe (aidi)
        husk of an areca nut (chewed by s.o.)
    • hard shell used as a container; hence container
      • Example 2648:
        viñe teipu
        a coconut shell (used as a container, e.g. to drink kava)
      • Example 2649:
        viñe teipu pe li-apinu ene
        a coconut cup used in cooking

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