abo2 blood / intimate feelings. Used in some expressions

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form aᵐbo
Tanema Equivalent aba
Lovono Equivalent amwale
Paradigm Form 1s: abo ne ene ; 2s: abo ne eo ; 3s: abo ne ini
    • blood
      • Anat
      • Example 19:
        Men' one i-tabau i-woi visibaele ini ne touro, abo i-ke.
        My son fell down and hurt his knee on the reef; he was bleeding.
      • Example 20:
        Abo peini ma i-udu.
        His blood was dripping from his hand.
      • Example 21:
        Abo na, (abo) ne ngele?
        Whose blood is this?
      • Example 22:
        I-ko i-la abo ne kaipa i-ko i-romo abo i-ko pi-tavie we tae.
        He wants to draw your blood and examine it to see if you are sick.
    • intimate feelings. Used in some expressions
    • Sense Comment fig ; rare
      • Example 23:
        Buro pon i-katau abo ne ene!
        This song suits my blood! (=I love it!)
        Example Comment

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