amjaka1 in small quantity; few / short, small: k.o. diminutive

Part of Speech adjective
Phonetic Form amᶮɟaka
Tanema Equivalent magako
Lovono Equivalent mañoko
    • in small quantity; few
      • Example 168:
        Li-ejau aña none mijaka.
        We cook a little (bit of) food.
      • Example 169:
        none aidi mijaka
        food for just a few people
      • Example 170:
        Ero na mijaka: votobo pe ni-anu tae.
        There's too little water, it's not enough for me to drink.
        Example Comment
    • short, small: k.o. diminutive
    • Sense Comment rare
      • Example 171:
        N-atevo iepiene amjaka peini Laperus.
        I'll tell a short story about Lapérouse.

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