awis1 thank you (for, peini ~ ñe) / formula for [...]

Part of Speech interjection
Phonetic Form awis
Variant Form(s) awisi
    • thank you (for, peini ~ ñe)
      • Disc
    • Encyclopedic Info Usually reinforced with pine ‘big’, or pine tamwase ‘very big’.
      • Example 152:
        Awisi pine peini angede ovene ai-akasi i-ka.
        Many thanks for the email you sent me.
      • Example 296:
        Awis pine !
    • formula for closing a story, or taking leave
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 297:
        Awisi, aia! K’ awoiu. Wako.
        Thanks, my friend. That’s the end (of the story). Alright.
      • Example 298:
        Awis pine tamwase.
        Many thanks (for your attention).

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  • Heterosemes:
    • awis2 thanks; gratitude