bwara particle introducing conjecture and doubt: perhaps, probably / [...]

Part of Speech adverb
Phonetic Form ᵐbʷara
Variant Form(s) bara
Tanema Equivalent buru
Lovono Equivalent bweti
    • particle introducing conjecture and doubt: perhaps, probably ; I believe, I guess
      • Example 407:
        Ini bwara biouro i-da eo.
        She’s probably taller than you.
      • Example 476:
        Ne english bwara li-vete nga ne.
        I guess it's called that way in English.
      • Example 477:
        Ka li-mui dapa kula na bwara ka li-bu ne revo, dapa kula bwara li-wowo li-koie ne kulumoe.
        Nobody really knows, but I guess some (sailors) must have died in the sea, while some others must have swum.
        Example Comment
        Lapérouse’s wreck
    • about, roughly
    • Syntactic Restriction with numbers
      Sense Comment esp
      • Example 478:
        Li-apilo toñaki awoiu, bara i-vagas’ metele tuo nga ponu.
        The building of the ship must have taken about six months.
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      • Example 479:
        La-te ra ra, bwara kata kape ebieve iune bwara metele tuo.
        They stayed there, perhaps almost a whole year, or at least six months.
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