damala white, Westerner / Westerners, whitemen

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form ⁿdamala
Tanema Equivalent petonga
Lovono Equivalent pemala
Morphology da= + *mala ‘white’ (?)
    • white, Westerner
    • Lexical Function Gloss white
      Typical Subject person
      • Example 525:
        Viabasa emele damala ponu pwelele.
        That white woman has soft hair.
    • Westerners, whitemen
    • Syntactic Restriction collective use, even with no plural marker
      • Example 526:
        Ka basavono ponu, mamote damala tae.
        In those times, there were no Westerners yet (in this area).
      • Example 527:
        Li-romo ñe duduko we damala pe Franis.
        They watched with the looking glass of the French whitemen.

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  • Is Part of:
    • ie damala typical of the Western world, modern (opp. iakapa, traditional)
  • See also:
    • koro white / person of white skin, European
    • beve white, bright (opp. bworo ‘dark’)