dapa2 plural marker for human nouns / in the absence of a noun head, [...]

Part of Speech quantifier
Phonetic Form ⁿdapa
Variant Form(s) dap’
Tanema Equivalent dato
Lovono Equivalent detu
    • plural marker for human nouns
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by Noun
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
    • in the absence of a noun head, dapa serves as head in a plural NP with human reference: ‘people’, ‘those (who+)’
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by NP modifier
      • Example 545:
        dapa kula
        some people
        Example Comment
      • Example 546:
        dapa abia
        many people, many
      • Example 547:
        dapa bworo
        Black people
        Example Comment
      • Example 548:
        dapa wopine
        [the great/old ones] grown men; authorities; ancestors
      • Example 549:
        dapa Teanu
        the people of Teanu
        Example Comment
      • Example 550:
        dapa Iura
        Vanuatu people
      • Example 551:
        dapa noma
        people of the past, ancestors
        Example Comment
      • Example 552:
        dapa peini toñaki pon
        the people on that ship
        Example Comment
      • Example 553:
        dapa po li-kila emele
        those who are married
        Example Comment
        +relative clause, subject
        Example URL
      • Example 554:
        dapa pe uña teliki li-lamini tanoe se dapa
        those who were given land by the authorities
        Example Comment
        +relative clause with resumptive
    • ‹s.o.›’s people: relatives, family; community
      • Kin
    • Syntactic Restriction +possessor enone
      • Example 555:
        (uña) dapa enone
        my people, my relatives
      • Example 556:
        dapa ie mwaliko po i-bu
        the family of the person who died
      • Example 557:
        Dapa iakapa ka awoiu!
        Our people are doomed!
      • Example 558:
        Dapa iakapa noma li-ovei pe li-pwalau.
        Our ancestors used to practice navigation.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • dapa1 anaphoric third plural pronoun, referring to a group of people already mentioned in discourse / generic plural pronoun: people, generic ‘they’ / people! guys!
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