emele1 female; girl, woman / wife

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form emele
Tanema Equivalent mee
Lovono Equivalent neme
Paradigm Form pl: da viñevi
    • female; girl, woman
    • Typical Subject anim., hum
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 679:
        Emele, we mwalkote?
        Is it a girl, or a boy?
        Example Comment
      • Example 680:
        emele damala
        a Western woman
      • Example 681:
        U-le u-wasu emele re u-min' ene!
        Please go and connect me with that girl!
    • wife
    • Syntactic Restriction espec. with possessor
      • Example 507:
        mwaliko iote da emel’ iape
        a man and his wife
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      • Example 682:
        emel’ enone
        my wife
      • Example 683:
        ~kila emele
        [lit. follow a woman] get married
      • Example 684:
        dapa po li-kila emele
        those (men) who are married
      • Example 685:
        Ni-kila emele pe Tetevo.
        I married a woman from Utupua.

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