ie1 of (X): form of the general possessive classifier [...]

Part of Speech possessive
Phonetic Form je
Tanema Equivalent ake
Lovono Equivalent ie
    • of (X): form of the general possessive classifier (enone*), with a noun possessor
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by NP
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
    • belong to ‹s.o.›
    • Syntactic Restriction predicate
      • Example 877:
        Moe iaba pwo; iote iu, ie mwaliko iote.
        Our house is located below; as for the one above, it belongs to someone else.
      • Example 878:
        Enon' tae; ie Esikiel.
        It's not mine; it's Ezekiel's.

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    • enone ‘my’: 1sg form of possessive classifier for General, default possession / classifier for various possessions / classifier for kinship relations when the noun is not inherently a kin term (opp. one, classifier for kin terms) / classifier for some more abstract relations