korone2 firmly / with strength

Part of Speech postverb
Phonetic Form korone
Tanema Equivalent vakurone
Lovono Equivalent vangaire
    • firmly
    • Syntactic Restriction resultative construction
      Sense Comment literal
      • Example 1271:
        Le-la i-avo korone nara i-sabu.
        We must hook (the bait) firmly for fear it might fall off.
      • Example 1272:
        Kape li-odo tenuro me le-vo ñe nengele kuo korone.
        We'll look for a rope so we can attach firmly the elements of the canoe.
    • with strength
    • Sense Comment fig

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  • Heterosemes:
    • korone1 strong, solid, firm / tight / powerful, strong, violent / powerful, charismatic