kulumoe iakapa our island, i.e. Vanikoro

Part of Speech noun
    • our island, i.e. Vanikoro
    • Sense Comment freq
      • Example 458:
        I-si buka iote ñe uña iepiene peini kulumoe iakapa.
        He wrote a book with several stories from our country.
      • Example 849:
        Laperus i-ka tev’ kiapa ne kulumoe iakapa Vanikoro.
        Lapérouse came among us, in our island of Vanikoro.

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  • Contains:
    • iakapa our, i.e. of you and us: form of the general possessive classifier (enone*), with a 1st inclusive plural possessor (kiapa)
  • See also:
    • kulumoe inhabited place / hamlet, village / area, zone within an island, not necessarily inhabited / island / country / the world