li-kila idi celebrate a wedding

Part of Speech phrase
    • celebrate a wedding
    • Literally someone marries someone
      Syntactic Restriction indefinite subject and object
      Typical Subject group of people
      Encyclopedic Info Phraseol.: This periphrase makes for the absence of a noun ‘wedding’.
      • Example 1147:
        tomwona pe li-kila idi
        a special pudding for wedding [lit. for when s.o. marries s.o.]
      • Example 1148:
        Idi na dapa li-tau jebute peini po li-kila idi.
        People have cooked taros for the wedding.

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  • Contains:
    • ~kila2 follow, join ‹s.o.,› in motion or action / marry ‹a woman› / marry, get married