me3 for ‹›, taking ‹› as a goal / (change into X

Part of Speech preposition
Phonetic Form me
Tanema Equivalent me
Lovono Equivalent me
    • for ‹›, taking ‹› as a goal
      • Example 198:
        Li-viane tepapa me aña ini.
        They jump on the (dancing) boards for the sound it makes.
    • (change into X
    • Literally so it becomes X
      Syntactic Restriction in resultative construction
      • Example 880:
        Li-ejau iadiro peini otovo me iebe.
        You can turn (a bunch of) sago midribs into a broom.
      • Example 930:
        Dapa Iura li-la vesevelae li-iu me viko.
        People in Vanuatu thread cone shells into shellmoney.

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