menuko1 bird / animal / figurehead, typic. in the shape of a bird, at [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form menuko
Proto-Form POc: *manuk
Tanema Equivalent manuke
Lovono Equivalent menuka
    • bird
      • Zool
      • Example 1613:
        Vono i-sodo, ka menuko i-mo.
        The dawn came, and birds began singing.
      • Example 1614:
        kasule we menuko
        [lit. vine for birds] k.o. creeper
    • animal
    • Sense Comment somet
      • Example 7:
        Ne ngogoro uña menuko abia, ka pe-romo p-ajau!
        There are many animals in the woods, be careful!
    • figurehead, typic. in the shape of a bird, at the prow of a canoe; hence prow
      • Naut
    • Typical Subject canoe
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1615:
        Bavede i-vio ne menuko.
        The sail stands on the prow.

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