na4 place of ‹s.o.,› / location of ‹› / remains, ruins / [...]

Part of Speech noun, relational
Phonetic Form na
    • place of ‹s.o.,›
    • Encyclopedic Info Often implies that the event is only virtually present in the location — whether it has ceased to take place, or has not begun yet.
    • location of ‹›
    • Typical Subject
      • Example 1800:
        U-nabe na moe iono.
        You mark the location of your (future) house.
      • Example 1801:
        Na moe enone i-vio re.
        Here is the location of my (former) house. / Here is where my house used to stand.
    • remains, ruins
    • Typical Subject house+
      • Example 1802:
        Dapa li-romo na kulumoe iadapa Mouro.
        They saw the remains of the Elves' village.
    • place associated with ‹s.o.›, whether in a temporary or permanent way
    • Typical Subject s.o.
    • itinerary taken by ‹s.o.› in a past or future journey; steps
      • Example 1077:
        Kape le-tabo le-katau na kiapa ponu.
        Let's retrace our own steps again.

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