ne1 general locative preposition: at, in, on / temporal preposition: [...]

Part of Speech preposition
Phonetic Form ne
Tanema Equivalent ini
Lovono Equivalent ne
    • general locative preposition: at, in, on
    • Syntactic Restriction with or without motion
      Encyclopedic Info Morph.: The corresponding adverb is ene ‘in it, there’.
      • Example 33:
        I-sabu i-abu ne ero.
        He fell down in the river.
      • Example 1297:
        Poi pe li-womanga ne kulumoe, vao i-moloe ne ngogoro.
        Domesticated pigs are fed in the village, but wild pigs wander about in the forest.
      • Example 1830:
        ne sekele
        in the garden
      • Example 1831:
        ne lema
      • Example 1832:
        ne to
        in the middle
      • Example 1833:
        Kape i-ka ne kulumoe na.
        She'll come to this village.
      • Example 1834:
        Noma, li-apinu ne mwoe.
        In olden times, people used to cook in the house.
      • Example 1835:
        Ene li-waivo ene ne “National University” ne Solomon islands.
        I did my studies at the National University in the Solomon islands.
    • temporal preposition: in, at, during
      • Example 1836:
        ne bwogo
        during the night
      • Example 1837:
        Et' iape i-ka ne vonila.
        Her mother came in the evening.
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      • Example 1838:
        n’ adie
        afterwards, then

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  • Heterosemes:
    • ne2 possessive linker used with certain nouns, espec. bodily fluids / relative of (s.o.), member of o.'s kin