nengele components, pieces, parts of a bigger whole / parts, limbs / [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form neŋele
    • components, pieces, parts of a bigger whole
      • Example 1304:
        nengele kuo
        the elements of a canoe
      • Example 1381:
        Kape le-toe langasuo peini, ka nengele wamitaka.
        You cut out the big rail, and then the smaller pieces.
        Example Comment
      • Example 1863:
        nengele moe
        elements of a house, carpentry
    • parts, limbs
    • Typical Subject body
      • Example 43:
        Tavsone ponu i-abu nengele idi.
        That sickness weakens the body. [lit. it strikes one's limbs]
        Example Comment
      • Example 1360:
        Ne-labu ebel' ini pe nengele i-meli.
        I'll massage her body because some spots (on her body) are painful.
    • accessories for ‹›
      • Example 1864:
        nengele makone
        [accessories of dance] the accessories necessary to carry out traditional dances (instruments, jumping boards+)