pe3 relativiser: that, which, who / relativiser, commonly used in [...]

Part of Speech subordinator
Phonetic Form pe
Tanema Equivalent pe
Lovono Equivalent pe
Morphology Cf. (?) pe
    • relativiser: that, which, who
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 2040:
        Awis pine peini ngatene pe a-la ponu.
        Thank you for your efforts. [lit. for those things you did]
      • Example 2041:
        basavono pe li-anu kava
        during kava-drinking moments [lit. (at the) moment that we drink kava]
      • Example 2042:
        ne bogo pe la-kila da
        on their wedding day [lit. the day that they married]
    • relativiser, commonly used in lexical compounds involving verbs
    • Sense Comment esp
      • Example 1101:
        muko pe i-ke idi
        [fly that bites people] mosquito
      • Example 2043:
        udo pe i-ako
        [banana that is ripe] ripe banana
      • Example 2044:
        jokoro pe li-vi
        [bamboo that people blow] Pan pipe
      • Example 2045:
        moe pe li-apinu ene
        [house we cook inside] kitchen
      • Example 2046:
        die mwaliko pe i-bu
        the bones of a dead body [of a person that died]
    • “be someone who”: construction turning an action predicate into a habitual characteristic
    • Syntactic Restriction used in predicates
      • Example 2047:
        Vao, we pe li-womanga?
        Is it wild, or tame? [wild, or that we feed?]
      • Example 2048:
        Ini pe i-med' idi.
        He's someone who fools people. / He's a conman.
      • Example 2049:
        Ini pe i-lanasu idi.
        He (is someone who) can bewitch people.
    • complementizer after certain verbs, esp. with modal meaning (can; cannot; be good; be bad; be suitable+)
    • Sense Comment somet
      • Example 579:
        Da viñevi wopine li-ovei pe li-anu kava.
        Adult women can drink kava.
      • Example 803:
        Ni-garei eo pe u-le re!
        I forbid you from going there!
      • Example 1607:
        A-mene pe u-e none ponu?
        Aren't you tired of eating that food?
      • Example 1628:
        Emel' enone i-mete ini pe i-rom dokta.
        My wife is too shy to see the doctor.
      • Example 1667:
        I-mui pe i-mo.
        He cannot speak.
        Example Comment
        disabled child
      • Example 1912:
        Tamwaliko pe i-vio ne kulumoe iono ñoko.
        It would be a shame if (this plant) only grew in your village.
        Example URL
      • Example 2050:
        Votobo pe le-sava tilu
        it's better / it's enough to buy two.
    • when, as
    • Syntactic Restriction in protasis
      Sense Comment rare
      • Example 1735:
        Pe li-anu kava, ebele idi motoro.
        When you drink kava, you feel your body is heavy.