peini2 of it, its, their – used with inanimates

Part of Speech possessive
Phonetic Form peini
Tanema Equivalent pini(ni)
Lovono Equivalent peine, peini, peni
    • of it, its, their – used with inanimates
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction anaphoric
      • Example 2064:
        Ka pi-ovei buro peini.
        We know the song (about it).
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      • Example 2065:
        Temaka na, iepiene peini i-wene.
        This place has stories attached to it.
      • Example 2066:
        Buka ono po, tone peini tivi?
        Your notebook, how much was its price?
      • Example 2067:
        Diro, li-avi otovo; awoiu li-la iadiro peini, li-bo diro.
        You collect sago leaves; take out their midribs, and sharpen them into darts.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • peini1 of. Linker encoding various semantic relations between two nouns / (X) from (Y), associated with / (X) characterised by (Y) / (X) about (Y) / of, about (doing)
    • peini3 pertain to; be suitable for