pwoi pig

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form pʷoi
Variant Form(s) poi
Proto-Form POc: *ᵐboRok
Tanema Equivalent pwoi
Lovono Equivalent pwoi
    • pig
      • Zool
    • Scientific Name Sus scrofa
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 180:
        anes poi
        pork meat
      • Example 519:
        Ije pwoi i-ke i-dadai.
        The pig tusk has grown out into a full circle.
      • Example 1297:
        Poi pe li-womanga ne kulumoe, vao i-moloe ne ngogoro.
        Domesticated pigs are fed in the village, but wild pigs wander about in the forest.
      • Example 2164:
        vesengele pwoi
        pig's snout

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