sekele garden, where horticulture is carried out

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form sekele
Tanema Equivalent vasangola
Lovono Equivalent amenonga
    • garden, where horticulture is carried out
      • Example 231:
        Li-apilo sekele i-le li-teli avtebe.
        Once they had prepared the gardens, they planted taros.
      • Example 2241:
        sekele bute, sekele peini jebute
        taro garden
      • Example 2242:
        li-su sekele = li-tau sekele
        burn land
      • Example 2243:
        Dapa li-woi nuduro ne sekele, me i-botongo temaka mina idi.
        They put up taboo signs in the garden, to protect the area (from poachers).

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