tamate2 mask, headdress worn during the tamate ritual [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form tamate
Proto-Form Mota: tamate 'dead person; soul, spirit; ghost; headdress' ; PNVanuatu: *qata-mate 'dead person'
    • mask, headdress worn during the tamate ritual dances, representing the tamate spirits
    • Sense Comment meton
      • Example 862:
        Tamate li-romo wako, ia idi li-madau.
        The dancing masks were beautiful, but scary. [lit. but one feared them]
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      • Example 2318:
        Ka li-tobo ñe tamate pe ka mata mwaliko i-ke me i-romo.
        They've made holes in the Tamate masks, so that (the dancer) can see through.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • tamate1 a high-profile Spirit that comes out in villages during ritual dances and important celebrations
  • See also:
    • kiñe tamate the long, many fibres made of leaves, which hang down from a tamate ritual mask, by way of the Spirit's hair