telupe pigeon / White-throated Pigeon

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form telupe
Tanema Equivalent telupe
Lovono Equivalent bona
    • pigeon
      • Ornith
    • Scientific Name Columbidae spp
      Sense Comment gen
      • Example 109:
        La-le lai-ago telupe?
        Shall we go pigeon-hunting?
      • Example 596:
        Pe li-wete telupe, u-avi visone ka u-iui diro i-le i-wete ini.
        When you hunt pigeons, you bend your bow, and let the arrow fly and hit it.
      • Example 875:
        mwoe ie telupe
        a pigeon's nest
    • White-throated Pigeon
      • Ornith
    • Scientific Name Columba vitiensis
      Sense Comment esp

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