voko stone, of any size: boulder, rock, pebble

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form foko
Proto-Form POc: *patu
    • stone, of any size: boulder, rock, pebble
      • Example 37:
        Ni-tabulu voko i-abu i-le ne gilita.
        I rolled a rock down into the valley.
      • Example 418:
        Waiero li-bo voko i-wapio.
        The waves have piled up the stones together.
      • Example 818:
        Li-romo nga voko, ia pon voko tae.
        It looks like a stone, but it's not a stone.
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      • Example 917:
        I-romo voko tilu. Iote wabulubu, iote teporo.
        He saw two stones: one round, one flat.
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      • Example 2676:
        maga voko

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