webwe troca shell / armband worn by men during chiefly ceremonies, [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form weᵐbʷe
Tanema Equivalent vasewora
    • troca shell
      • Zool
    • Scientific Name Trochus spp
      • Example 2229:
        Toñaki iadapa i-ka i-sava webwe.
        Their ship used to come and buy troca shells (from the islanders).
    • armband worn by men during chiefly ceremonies, traditionally made of troca shell
      • Ethn
    • Sense Comment meton
    • armband worn by men during chiefly ceremonies or dances, and derived from a sago palm
      • Ethn
    • Sense Comment hence
      Infobox Sago-leaf armbands: ‘To make armbands, you go to the bush, find some sago palms (ba ote), and strip them into narrow bands. Then you take three of those bands, and weave them together into an armband. When it's finished, you can wear them on your arms. You can also stick loko leaves onto them.’
      Infobox (Teanu) webwe: Webwe, li-le ne ngogoro li-la ba ote li-kamai; awoiu li-kai. Awoiu li-la kiñe tete peini ba ote ponu, awoiu ka li-vei webwe ñei. Li-vei awoiu, li-koene ne ma idi. Li-ovei pe li-la loko i-vio ene.
      • Example 1494:
        Webwe i-vene i-wen' ne ma dapa; loko i-vio ne ma dapa; vilitoe i-vio ne viabasa dapa.
        They had armbands on their arms, scented leaves on their armbands; and white flowers in their hair.
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