~avo1 be hanging / be located above / feel dizzy / float, stay afloat [...]

Part of Speech verb, intransitive
Phonetic Form (i·)avo
Tanema Equivalent ~nadou
Lovono Equivalent ~luru
    • be hanging
      • Example 242:
        Uña asodo dapa li-avo ne bonge.
        Bats hang in caves.
    • be located above
      • Example 271:
        Telau i-avo boso iawo.
        The food basket is hanging above the fire.
    • feel dizzy
    • Literally head is hanging in the air
      Typical Subject head
      • Example 272:
        Basa ene i-avo.
        I’m feeling dizzy.
        Example Comment
        drinking kava
    • float, stay afloat (vs. sink)
      • Naut
    • Typical Subject boat+
      • Example 273:
        Toñaki ka i-avo ka i-tab' i-le.
        The ship remained afloat, and began its way back.
    • be anchored somewhere
    • Sense Comment hence
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 274:
        Toñaki ka i-avo tetake re.
        The ship is moored over there.

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