~la … i-avo hang, hook ‹s.th.› / badmouth ‹s.o.›, ruin s.o.'s reputation

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Tanema Equivalent ~la ~nadou
Morphology ~la ‘take’ + ~avo ‘hang’
    • hang, hook ‹s.th.›
    • Literally take s.th. it hangs
      Encyclopedic Info Morph.: The sequence ~la i-avo is sometimes contracted into a single verb ~laiavo* ‘hang, hook+’.
      • Example 1271:
        Le-la i-avo korone nara i-sabu.
        We must hook (the bait) firmly for fear it might fall off.
      • Example 1349:
        Ne-la mangamanga 'none i-avo.
        Let me hang my towel.
      • Example 1350:
        U-la lusa eo i-avo ne tero.
        Hang your shirt up on the string.
    • badmouth ‹s.o.›, ruin s.o.'s reputation
    • Sense Comment fig ; rare

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