~iumu be first to (do V), before other people / do V first, before [...]

Part of Speech auxiliary
Phonetic Form (i·)jumu
Tanema Equivalent ~amo, ~amu
Lovono Equivalent ~ono
    • be first to (do V), before other people
      • Example 938:
        U-iumu u-koie u-ka!
        You come in first!
      • Example 939:
        U-iumu me ne-katau eo.
        You go first, I'll come behind you.
    • do V first, before other actions; start by doing V
      • Example 940:
        Mou me ne-iumu ne-vongo ko.
        Let me have dinner first.
      • Example 941:
        Ia ni-mui, nga u-ium’ u-viñ' ene!
        I didn't know, you should have first told me!

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