ko first, as a first action / (do) for a second: forms a polite [...]

Part of Speech particle
Phonetic Form ko
Tanema Equivalent imo
Lovono Equivalent ko, gapae
    • first, as a first action
    • Encyclopedic Info Clause-final particle.
      • Example 375:
        Kaipa pe-te, ene mou ne-bei bete ko.
        You guys stay here, I'll just go for a nap.
      • Example 934:
        Mou me ne-iumu ne-le n-ioi teuko ko.
        Let me first go angling.
      • Example 1164:
        Mou, le-vongo ko!
        Wait, let's first have dinner!
    • (do) for a second: forms a polite order; hence please
      • Disc
    • Syntactic Restriction with imperative
    • exclamatory particle pointing to the immediate context, typic. to the addressee's speech or action
      • Disc
    • Syntactic Restriction deictic use

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  • See also:
    • abu ‘all right’, ‘let's’ / marks polite order: ‘please’ / encouragement towards action: ‘come on’, ‘please’
    • ~iumu be first to (do V), before other people / do V first, before other actions; start by doing V