~karau grow / grow up, become older / grow stout, put on weight; be fat

Part of Speech verb, intransitive
Phonetic Form (i·)karau
Tanema Equivalent ~karao
Lovono Equivalent ~kawa
    • grow
    • Typical Subject plant+
      • Example 979:
        Kape jebute i-karau na metae, pe ero tae.
        Taro can't grow here, because there's no water.
    • grow up, become older
    • Syntactic Restriction often foll. by ~vene ‘up’
      Typical Subject child
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1060:
        Ini i-karau Vonovono.
        She grew up in the Reef Islands.
    • grow stout, put on weight; be fat
    • Typical Subject s.o.
      • Example 1061:
        Na oie ini ka wako, na ka i-karau wako.
        She's of a healthy size now, she has nicely put on weight.

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