~ta2 grow spontaneously / emerge, appear, come to light

Part of Speech verb, intransitive
Phonetic Form (i·)ta
Tanema Equivalent ~ta
Lovono Equivalent ~ta
    • grow spontaneously
    • Typical Subject plant+
      • Example 1909:
        None pon, ini ñepe pe i-ta, pe li-wowo tae.
        This kind of tuber grows spontaneously [by itself], it is not planted.
    • emerge, appear, come to light
    • Syntactic Restriction with adv. ñei
      • Example 2275:
        Basavono po kulumoe i-ta ñei, Teliki Makumoso li-ko Banie.
        When our country emerged, our Supreme God was called Banie.
        Example Comment
        myth of origin

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