~katei2 go fishing (for s.th., ñe)

Part of Speech verb, intransitive
Phonetic Form (i·)katei
Tanema Equivalent ~ko
Lovono Equivalent ~kole(i)
    • go fishing (for s.th., ñe)
    • Literally pull for s.th.
      • Example 983:
        Kape le-la teuko ne jokoro me le-katei ñe namuko.
        We'll take a fishing rod and go angling.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • ~katei1 pull, draw ‹s.th.› / hoist ‹sail› / draw on ‹a resource›; hence suck ‹milk› / apply ‹s.th.› (on s.th., ñe) through a drawing motion / grate ‹tuber› in a drawing motion
  • See also:
    • ~oma fish or forage for seafood