~lengi1 feel ‹s.th.›; perceive through senses or intuition / hear ‹s.o., [...]

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)leŋi
Tanema Equivalent ~lange
Lovono Equivalent ~lengi
    • feel ‹s.th.›; perceive through senses or intuition
      • Example 1434:
        Ni-lengi tanoe pe i-wai.
        I felt the ground shake.
      • Example 1435:
        Nganae kape li-lengi melia dapa ñe tae.
        [there is nothing by which they feel pain] Nothing can cause them any pain.
        Example Comment
    • hear ‹s.o., s.th.›
      • Example 632:
        Ene ni-lengi ñe taña ene, ka ebele piene, ene ni-le ene.
        I heard it with my own ears. It's the truth, I believe it.
      • Example 811:
        Ni-lengi mama gita.
        I can hear the sound of a guitar.
      • Example 1436:
        Iepiene pon na, ni-lengi tev' et' one.
        This story, I heard it from my mother.
    • listen
    • Syntactic Restriction volitional
      • Example 658:
        U-lengi u-ejau me u-ovei.
        Listen carefully, so you learn.
    • hear that, learn that (s.th. happened)
    • Syntactic Restriction (+ ~ko) + clause
      • Example 1437:
        Ka ni-lengi ni-ko dapa kula li-te tae.
        I never heard that there was anyone else there.
      • Example 1438:
        Ni-lengi Sintia ka i-kovi metele.
        I heard that Sintia is expecting.
    • hear from ‹s.o.›, have contact ‹s.o.› by phone or mail
    • Sense Comment somet
      • Example 1128:
        Labiou tamwase kia ka la-lengi kia tae.
        We haven't heard from each other for a very long time.
    • find ‹s.th., s.o.› to be so and so, through hearing or feeling
    • Syntactic Restriction tropative construction, foll. by secondary predicate
      • Example 1439:
        Buro ponu li-lengi wako tamwase.
        That song sounds beautiful. [lit. that song, they hear it very beautiful]
      • Example 1440:
        Li-lengi ebele dapa ka wako.
        They feel better [lit. they feel that their bodies are well now]

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